Winter garden awning

Winter garden awning

Buy customized conservatory awnings for indoor and outdoor at a great price online

An indoor or outdoor conservatory awning for your conservatory or patio roof direct from the manufacturer ex works. We produce directly on site and therefore have very short delivery times. Let us advise you now.

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Winter garden awnings - Why such low prices?

Since we buy directly from the factory, we can offer you attractive prices for your conservatory awnings. No middlemen!

Questions about our winter garden sunshade

The prices for a conservatory awning are as individual as the wishes of our customers.

Prices start at about 950 EUR for a conservatory awning in the smallest version. Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement, depending on your wishes and needs.

Thus, conservatory roof awnings can easily cost up to 3,200 euros. Depending on your wishes, size and comfort.

If you choose a conservatory awning for the roof, you have the same choice as vertical awnings. We offer plain canopies in many different colors. Are you looking for something special? Then you should take a look at our numerous designs, which are of course also available in a wide range of colors. Here, no wishes remain unfulfilled and you can perfectly match your sun protection to your conservatory.

Sun colors like yellow, orange or terracotta are very popular. But cream-colored blinds are also becoming more and more popular, because they represent elegance. It doesn’t matter what your favorites are. We are sure you will find what you are looking for here and will soon be able to call your perfect conservatory roof awning your own.

If you do not want to install your patio roof awning yourself, please contact us.

The installation cost of your conservatory awning should be between 600 and 1000 €. Of course, you will receive a cost estimate from us, which you can use as a guide.

The assembly price depends on many factors:

  • Assembly place,
  • Mounting situation ( how sloping is the roof?)
  • Substructure
  • Plant size
    and much more

Sun protection in the winter garden is an absolute highlight, both visually and functionally. With it, you can turn your winter garden into a real oasis of well-being and create a great atmosphere. In addition, conservatory blinds provide a pleasant climate all year round. You can also save money on energy costs.

Flexible all-rounder, as the awning is also called, is one of the most flexible ways to protect the winter garden from sunlight. Installation is also very simple, as the guide rails can be attached directly to the conservatory structure. This means that even large areas can be very well shaded with awnings. With a width of up to 600 cm, several awnings can be connected together.

Since modern conservatory awnings are now equipped with electric motors as standard, you can effortlessly extend and retract the awning. For added convenience, you can also purchase a wireless remote control that allows you to extend and retract the awning from anywhere in the house.

Each winter garden is different in size and shape. To ensure that you get the perfect sunshade for your conservatory, you can have it custom made. We adjust the color to you so optimally that no wish remains unfulfilled. You also have the option to install vertical blinds that will protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

So you can choose whether you want to shade only the roof of the conservatory or use the vertical blinds for the sides as well. This flexible sun and privacy screen for the winter garden makes it a visual eye-catcher and offers you a place of retreat protected from prying eyes.

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