Vertical awning

Vertical awning for terrace roofing

We have ZIP Screen for vertical vertical awnings. These protect from the sun and wind. These Zip Screens are zippered in the guides and can be made with Soltis 92 and Soltis 86. The vertical awning is available in our store.

We also have various side guide rails in the program. Depending on the situation, we can supply them. Also, any RAL color of the frame is possible. The vertical awning protects from prying eyes. Height and width are made for you individually.

We are a specialized dealer and manufacturer in one, but we understand our craft and manufacture your vertical awnings directly on site. Completely according to your wishes.

Your personal advantages:

  • We measure, accurate to the milimeter
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Master craftsman with 30 years experience
  • Special solutions possible at any time
  • Personal contact

The zipper system is becoming increasingly popular, because the fabric can be perfectly stretched. That is why many customers today choose the vertical awning with zipper. This functional wind/sun and privacy screen is very stable in wind. Therefore, the zipper awning is also ideal as a windbreak for drafty areas. In addition, the fabric is completely sealed at the end strip, so insects have no chance to enter the room.

Vertical awnings, as the name suggests, are not horizontal, but vertical. They are an extremely flexible shading system for all balconies or terraces and have many advantages. They provide protection not only from the sun, but also from the wind and prying eyes of neighbors. Especially when the sun is low, they can also be an important protection against glare.
Vertical awnings made to measure

Vertical blinds are particularly suitable for medium-sized window areas. The custom-made vertical awning is then perfectly adapted to your window and provides optimal sun protection.

At the same time, it provides the perfect protection from the wind, low sun or prying eyes of neighbors. After all, what could be more unpleasant when you want to relax in the conservatory or on the terrace and the neighbors are always there? The feel-good oasis quickly turns into a stress factor.

With custom vertical blinds, you can be sure that the sun protection is perfectly adjusted and you can enjoy excellent weather protection and privacy. With the zipper system of the vertical awning, you also have protection from mosquitoes or insects.

Of course, the price of this awning model also depends on the size, system, design and fabric. It also depends on whether a hand crank is enough for you or if you want comfort and motor to operate the awning.

A small and unspectacular vertical awning is already available for less than 100 euros. However, the fabric here is acyl and protects even from light rain or wind. In addition, the particularly inexpensive models are usually standard goods and you have to take what you get.

A good, quality vertical sunscreen is a little more expensive, but you will be able to enjoy this protection for a long time. You also have a choice of different designs, systems and of course sizes. Depending on the size, a sun sail can cost up to several thousand euros. Especially if the vertical blinds are very large and need to be made to measure.

However, at Görres you have the advantage that we manufacture the awnings ourselves and you do not need a middleman. So you get the awning at no extra charge for resale.

If you have any questions about our awnings, you can always contact us. We will be happy to advise and support you. Even if you do not know your way around and need advice, you can contact us during office hours. Together we will find the optimal awning for your needs. Görres stands not only for the highest quality, but also for excellent service!