Underglass awning

Underglass awnings are most often used for winter gardens or patio covers. They have some advantages. However, one must not forget the disadvantages. Nevertheless, under-glass awnings are very popular because they are also an inexpensive option for a shady spot on the terrace or in the winter garden.

The under-glass awning as a sunshade is stretched like a sun sail under the patio roof. The filigree guide rails are mounted on the right and left under the patio roof, where the awning is then extended and retracted. The guide rails are made of powder-coated aluminum of the highest quality.

Awnings also usually have a canopy box under the roof, which is unobtrusive and attractive. The awning cloth is pulled into this box and is thus protected from dirt. The awning box is mounted on the wall or ceiling. It visually blends into the whole and does not interfere in any way.

Depending on the model, the awning is available with a hand crank or an electric motor. If you want a high level of comfort, awning with motor is a very good choice. Of course, you also get a crank. This means that you can easily operate the awning even in the event of a power failure. Optionally, you also have the option of radio remote control. This allows you to extend your awning in the conservatory or on the terrace almost anywhere in the house at the touch of a button.

The under-roof awning (under-glass awning) has numerous advantages, although it can not be used everywhere. It scores points above all for its very low maintenance requirements. But the price is also unbeatable.

  • The awning is always protected from the elements
  • If the area to be shaded is very large, you can connect the awnings together under the glass
  • Underglass awnings have a slight sound absorbing effect and can even improve the acoustics in a room.
  • Underglass blinds are an aesthetic accessory for the winter garden
  • The electric drive makes operation simple and easy
  • Customized production is possible
  • Underglass awnings under the roof are cheaper
  • There is a wide range of accessories for under glass awnings

Underroof awnings are suitable for winter gardens, terrace roofing and pergolas. It does not matter whether the terrace roof can be closed tightly or whether it is possible to open it. The interior blinds are suitable for both variants. In the open version, only the quality of the umbrella is important, as both the fabric and the closure are exposed to the weather. Therefore, the UV protection should not be missing in the fabric to protect against sunburn. In addition, the fabric should be quick-drying or, depending on the need, waterproof. This option is also available to you. Lightfastness is also a point that the sunscreen fabric should have, so that you still have a radiant sunscreen in a few years.

In some cases, it is also possible to use a sunshade under glass, even if there are side walls or sliding doors. However, this should be discussed with a specialist. However, if you also want to protect your patio roof from side winds or need a privacy screen for nosy neighbors, side awnings are ideal. They keep the wind out and are an excellent protection from prying eyes. This way you can also sit outside comfortably.

A parasol for under glass is a little cheaper, because here you do not necessarily need the highest quality fabric. All our awning fabrics are basically lightfast, have UV protection and offer long life. While awnings over the glass must be water repellent, this is not required for awnings with under glass. Unless the glass roof of the winter garden or terrace roof can be opened. Then a water repellent fabric would also be ideal. But we have only water repellent fabrics in the program.

Also, if you live in a region where it often rains or storms, an under-glass awning is more suitable. Then you no longer have to worry if you forget to roll up the awning. Of course, we also offer awnings with smart home connection. If you ever forget to retract the awning, you can easily operate it from the road, if the awning does not have appropriate sensors.

A sunshade under the patio roof is usually available from 1,000 euros. But here too, of course, it depends on your personal wishes and needs as well as on the structural conditions and the equipment.

Of course, the price also plays a decisive role for the end user when buying an under-glass sunshade. You can find many supposedly cheap prices for awnings, if you search the Internet for a long time. In the end, however, it’s the price-performance ratio that counts. The total package of quality, reliability and service. Here you are always in the right place. At the leading manufacturer for an under glass awning, you can buy cheap under glass awning at always low prices and top service.