Terrace roofs

Terrace roofs

Terrace roofs in various designs

Terrace roofs are available in different shapes and materials. For example, the terrace roof with a wall mounting and a sturdy PVC covering, the angle of inclination can be adjusted individually. Due to the sturdy PVC material, the construction can easily withstand heavier loads from wind or rain. A built-in electric motor allows you to conveniently retract and extend the covering. In the retracted state, the covering is in a cassette and is thus perfectly protected from the weather. For even more stability even in extreme weather conditions, patio roofs made of sturdy VSG glass. This, in conjunction with the powder-coated aluminum construction, provides year-round protection from rain, snow and sun. This will make your outdoor party a pleasure in any weather. To avoid direct sunlight, they can provide the glass patio roofs with additional shading.

In addition, you can get patio roofs completely free-standing. The free-standing roof in the shape of a cube provides optimal protection from the weather and can be easily placed in the garden. For optimal shading, the angle of inclination can also be individually adjusted here. You can get the free-standing patio roofs in a width of up to 4 meters and a maximum projection of also 4 meters. Of course, for larger areas, you can put several of these patio roofs.
Simple construction of the terrace roof

You can easily assemble a patio roof from Görres even without special knowledge. In this way, any terrace can be retrofitted with effective weather protection. The complete kits come with detailed instructions so that even an inexperienced craftsman can easily complete the installation.

Terrace roof as a perfect weather protection

With a terrace roof with VSG glass you get a unique opportunity. After all, with it you can not only relax in the fresh air in the summer, but also be well protected outdoors in the winter months. The stable structure made of powder-coated aluminum and the roofing made of laminated safety glass makes it possible. Supplemented by an infrared heater, this patio roof with VSG glass or with multi-skin sheets can then also be used in winter as a harmonious retreat.The thickness of the VSG glass is 8mm or 10mm, where alternatively multi-skin sheets are available in thicknesses of 16, 20, 25 and 32mm. Equipped with a flexible sunshade, your patio roof with VSG glass is an ideal and well-tempered retreat even in direct sunlight! Here you can realize one for a great price!