Pergola awning

Pergola awning

Pergola awnings for your terrace buy cheap online made to measure directly from the manufacturer

Pergola awnings are becoming increasingly popular.

Ideal for restaurants and cafes, but also in the private sector, they now serve as a sophisticated sun protection solution.

Pergola awnings not only protect from sunlight, but also provide optimal protection from rain.
Pergola awnings: Our own solution for your terrace all year round!

What exactly are pergola awnings?

A pergola awning are traditionally sunscreen elements that are attached to a pergola as a substructure. There are several ways to hang them. These awnings can be used either mounted on the facade of the house or freestanding. With the freestanding awning, it is also possible to fix it in the ground so that it can be moved. However, to ensure stability, the pergola must be anchored to the ground.

A pergola is particularly suitable for large terraces and outdoor seating areas, such as in the restaurant industry. With this awning system, significantly greater projection depths can be achieved than with conventional awnings. Especially for large terraces, you have the option of mounting the pergola awning on the side of the house, so you practically find only two round columns on the front of the terrace, which do not take up space and provide stability.

In addition, the cable tensioned awning offers an advantage over other awnings.


Its main feature is that the fabric is attached to stainless steel cables, so it can be opened at will. Even in light rain, this form of awning can be used, if the angle of inclination is adjusted optimally.

As a rule, the awning cloth is attached to two stainless steel cables. But there are also models with only one rope. The versatility of the cable tension awning makes it a flexible awning, which can also be installed on the terrace roof or in the winter garden.

Pergola awnings have many advantages, as they can be used multifunctionally. They not only protect from the sun and light rain, but can also be used as a privacy screen. So it is always worth buying such a sunscreen system. The first requirement is a large open space. First, they do not do justice to small areas, and secondly, cord awnings are rarely available in small sizes. For small balconies or terraces are often more suitable folding arm awnings or cassette awnings.

Another big advantage over other awnings is that the awning cloth can be opened very flexibly in a coupled system. It is possible to open the awning cloth on both sides and create a shaded area in the middle. Also, only one side can be opened – depending on where the awning will be placed.

In addition, the stability of a pergola awning is much higher than that of a folding arm or cassette awning. Because pergola awnings can be mounted on the wall of the house, on the one hand, and in the ground, on the other. This gives you a more stable position and makes you more resistant to wind and weather.

Of course, it is a matter of taste whether you want to attach the pergola awning to the wall of the house or prefer the freestanding version. However, you should keep in mind that the stability of freestanding awnings is not as high as that of awnings attached to the wall of the house. They provide optimum stability and support even during storms.

Of course, the free-standing pergola parasol is also very stable and can easily withstand a storm. But since it is attached only to the ground, the additional support on the wall of the house is simply more stable.

Of course, it also depends on the location. Of course, if the one pergola awning will be placed on the terrace, it makes sense to attach it to the wall of the house as well. This has the advantage that you only have 2 columns at the end of the terrace, instead of 4 round columns on all four sides of the terrace. This way you lose valuable space.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice, and of course, you have to decide for yourself which option best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss anything further.

This depends firstly on the size of the awning and secondly on which state you live in. As a rule, you do not need to apply for a building permit up to a size of 30 square meters. However, you should discuss this with your local authority to avoid problems later.

Depending on the design and size, the price of a pergola awning is about 3,000 euros. Of course, the larger the pergola awning, the more expensive it is. For a size of 2.0 m x 6.5 m you can expect about 6,000 euros.

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Wall mounting with 2 posts
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Free standing with 4 posts