louvered roof

louvered roof

Pergola roofs are best for enjoying the outdoors. Bioclimatic pergolas are designed to blend fully into your environment.

Which slat roofs can I choose from?

Balcony awnings come in many different designs and models.

Here you have the choice between

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Free standing or wall mounted
from 8589,-
  • premium quality
  • Waterproof
  • LEDs optional
  • Made to measure
  • Made in Germany


Rotatable and retractable slats
  • Retractable and rotatable blades
  • Made to measure
  • LED light optional
  • Waterproof
  • Iso-Lamellen optional
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extruded aluminum
Iso Lamellen
Against cold, heat and noise .
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The best of your outdoor space is a slat roof.

More than a deck, awning, sunshade or porch, pergolas or louvered roofs are the ultimate answer to your outdoor living pleasure.

With a pergola or louvered roof, you can:
regulate the sun’s rays by partially opening the roof’s slats
increase the winter temperatures inside your home by pointing the slats at your house and letting the sun in
protect indoor and outdoor furniture from fading and deterioration
increase the value of your property.

Our free-standing or house-mounted slat pergolas can be integrated into all types of architecture and spaces.

Whatever your interests, needs or goals, letMetallbau Görres and its team of experts design the perfect solution to help you enjoy the outdoor areas of your home or building even more.

All of our louvered roofs meet the highest quality standards and comply with government regulations.
Our team of qualified designers, architects, draftsmen, engineers and installers are able to complete any residential or commercial project.

Our goal: to provide you with a comprehensive service at an excellent value for money.

Features of the slat roof
Technology to your satisfaction in design, quality and durability.

Görres offers a real technological advantage for pergolas with slat roofs.

Metallbau Görres make your slat roofs or pergolas an excellent, profitable and sustainable investment.

Aluminum of our pergolas
The aluminum profiles of the pergola are made of powder-coated aluminum, which ensures high UV resistance and perfect color retention over time.

The slats
The slats are made of double-walled silicon aluminum alloy, which ensures high strength and resistance to stress and weather conditions. The slats are slightly curved to better collect water in a channel integrated into the structure of each panel.

All our products are equipped with Somfy motors, manufactured in France. The motors have a warranty of 5 years and use RTC technology. The motor that allows the opening of the slats is activated by simply pressing the button on your remote control.

Standard colors
The aluminum profiles of the slat pergolas are available in 6 standard RAL colors: 9016, 1013, 8017, 9005, 9006 and 7043.