Exclusive awnings and shading for every need

Cassette, drop arm, articulated arm or sleeve awnings – Metallbau Görres is your specialist partner.

In our assortment you will find a variety of different shading options. You are sure to find exactly the model that suits your needs. The systems are specially made to customer specifications, so any size is possible.

Between dimensions possible, plant is made to customer’s measure

Less work due to motor drive , Convenient retraction and extension with the motor

Awnings are very different in their overall nature, so the prices can also vary greatly. The prices are as different as the products themselves and should therefore always be considered on a case-by-case basis, so that subsequently an objective picture can be made.

The quality determines the price

As with other products, when it comes to sun protection systems, it is the workmanship and the ultimate quality that determines the price. Electric motors as a convenient addition, high-quality cloths with elaborate impregnation and individual special requests make it expensive, of course, while standard designs remain cheap. However, the question naturally arises whether it is worth investing more and then also receiving more in return; in other words, having pleasure for a longer period of time.

Prices depend on the individual case

Not only terraces can be shaded with large folding arm awnings and also protected from rain, special conservatory awnings are also available, whereby individual and sufficiently large solutions can be found for the domestic conservatory.

Balcony privacy screen – different requirements, different solutions

A balcony privacy screen can be realized in different ways. The best-known form of privacy screens are certainly privacy mats, which are attached to the balcony parapet as a long textile web. The advantage of this variant is that the covering can be quickly attached and removed.

Balcony privacy screen – side awnings as an ideal choice