Articulated arm awnings

Articulated arm awnings

Articulated arm awnings are one of the most popular sources of shade on terraces and balconies. They are inexpensive and make the outdoor area a wonderful shady place.

The great advantage of folding arm awnings is that they are available in different designs and can be used for both small and large outdoor areas.

Articulated arm awnings have a simple but innovative technology. In the process, the awning cloth is rolled up onto a cloth shaft. The two sturdy aluminum articulated arms pull the fabric outward for optimal tensioning. In the middle of the articulated arms is the joint, which folds in or out. This joint not only allows the extension length to be customized. The angle of inclination can also be adjusted with this.

These awning models are always mounted on the facade. They are therefore free-floating. On the one hand, they provide shade over a large area, and on the other hand, the stability is particularly high. Furthermore, you do not have support posts on the terrace, so you are not limited in freedom of movement.

You do not have a wide choice of sunscreen fabrics, but you get the highest quality. Acrylic fabric has many advantages over other awning fabrics and is characterized by high weather resistance. In addition, the fabric has the following advantages:

  • Water repellent
  • Dirt repellent
  • Protection from stains
  • Self-cleaning
  • Lightfast
  • UV protection up to 80+

On the other hand, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist when it comes to designs and colors. You can choose from numerous colors, so that no wishes remain open. So you can match your awning to the garden or facade, or simply choose your favorite color.

Awning fabrics in gray, anthracite or beige are particularly popular. They look particularly noble and elegant. However, these colors are suitable only for large awnings. Strong colors like blue, orange or yellow and red are suitable for smaller awnings for the balcony. These colors set special accents, have a friendly effect and automatically create a good mood.

You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to patterns. Subtle stripes or diamonds, block stripes or wavy lines – the possibilities are vast and we are sure you will find your perfect design for your folding arm awning.

Hinged arm awning for terrace and balcony

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